10th Annual No Pants Metro Ride 2018 – Los Angeles

Jason Daniel Shaw

10th Annual No Pants Metro Ride 2018

Union Station – Los Angeles, CA

Did you notice the swarms of people without pants on the metro this past weekend?  Did you wonder why everyone all seemingly forgot to put on pants before they left their house?  If so, you weren’t the only one.  Sunday, January 7th, 2018 was the 10th annual No Pants Metro Ride in Los Angeles. Business Man Waiting for the Train with No PantsNo Pants Metro Ride 2018

Starting from one of six locations around Los Angeles (listed below), participants met with their “ride captains” and received the mission brief.  De-pantsing would begin and then everyone would head toward the first rendezvous point, Union Station, in downtown LA.

  • Sierra Madre Villa station on the Gold Line in Pasadena
  • Atlantic station on the Gold Line in East Los Angeles
  • Willowbrook/Rosa Parks station on the Blue Line in Willowbrook
  • North Hollywood station on the Red Line in North Hollywood
  • Wilshire/Western station on the Purple Line in Koreatown
  • Culver City station on the Expo Line in Culver City

Each person was repeatedly reminded to act normal, like it is any other day on the metro.  If asked why they weren’t wearing any pants, they were told to simply respond with, “I must have forgot them.”  While you often see strange things and people when riding the metro/subway in any city, it isn’t often that you see such a large number of people, all seeming to have lost their minds, on the same day. Boarding with Metro with No PantsCulver City Metro Station No Pants Metro Ride 2018

Having participated in the past, I decided that this year I would simply document the event and did so with the group departing from Culver City.  We all met Agent Red, per the dossier and were given our instructions.   As everyone made their way to the metro platform, the strange looks began.  Some bystanders asked what was going on, why aren’t they wearing pants, some just whispered amongst themselves about their pantless neighbors, while others just went about their day as nothing was out of the ordinary.  The reactions of those not in the know is what makes this event so enjoyable to experience.

Underwear Metro Ride 2018

Union Station with No Pants Metro Ride 2018 

Arriving at Union Station is shocking when you see the huge numbers of people mulling about without pants amongst the regular travelers.  The main hall is full of people in all sorts of attire – some wore a suit and tie, some wore everyday outfits and others absurd outfits, all sans pants.  Everyone seemed to be amused or at least not offended by the event and many interacted with the participants.  This was also the first engagement with metro security and the police.  They did not have an issue with the event and seemed to only want to keep everything in order and make sure that everyone was safe.  If you are concerned with the legality of riding the metro with no pants, you can read about what the Metro’s Chief of Transit Police has to say about the event.  Basically, “if it’s not going to impact the quality of life, the safety of the passengers and not in violation of the penal code,” it’s no big deal.  The next stage of the event was to make it to the final rendezvous point at Tongva Park in Santa Monica.

Los Angeles Police with No Pants Metro Ride

History of the No Pants Metro Ride

Improv Everywhere started the first No Pants Subway Ride in 2002 and since it has gained recognition and expanded to cities around the world.  GuerilLA started organizing the Los Angeles version, No Pants Metro Ride, in 2009 and is now in its 10th year of the event.  If you haven’t partaken in the No Pants Metro Ride or something similar, both groups host many other events that are just as funny to participate in or even just witness.  You can join in on these events or just be notified of when they are happening by signing up for their mailing list or joining their facebook groups.

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