A Rainy Black Friday in San Francisco

A Rainy Black Friday in San Francisco

Jason Daniel Shaw


We spent a cold and rainy Black Friday in San Francisco this year.  Having been to San Francisco many times now, this was the first time that I had the chance to see it while raining.  Despite the weather, we found plenty of ways to see the sights that we wanted to see while staying warm and dry, relatively.  It was actually nice not having crowds of people everywhere we went.  

Rainy San Francisco Cable Car

Powell Street Cable Car – San Francisco

After our beautiful train ride up the coast from Los Angeles on Thanksgiving, the day before, we started out walking around Market Street. I guess it more like running from store to store to stay dry.  We had to see if there were any Black Friday deals that we couldn’t live without – there weren’t any.  So, we decided to take the cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf to grab some lunch.  This was the first time that I tried the MuniMobile app and it really made life much simpler.  We didn’t have to stand in line – not that there was one because of the rain – to purchase our tickets.  We only had to wait a couple minutes for the next cable car to come and we were on our way.  The rain gave the city a different look and it was quite nice.  

As we passed by Lombard Street, there was a mistiness in the distance.  The Golden Gate Bridge was barely visible through the fog and mist.  And Alcatraz looked like a place that you didn’t want to spend the rest of your life.  


Fisherman’s Wharf was the perfect spot to get out of the rain and grab a bite to eat.  There was a variety of walk-up counters as well as sit down restaurants serving all types of seafood.  In between the rain drops, we were able to do a little more shopping and walk off our lunch.  That meant that it was time for dessert and where else do you get dessert when in San Francisco, but Ghirardelli.  We stopped to see the tree lighting and then hopped back on the cable car to Union Square to pick up our rental car and head towards Napa Valley – our ultimate reason for the trip.  

San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge

Once we had our rental car, there was another stop that I wanted to make in the city – near California and Powell Street.  Here, there is a great view to the east towards the Bay Bridge.  I asked Amanda to model with a red umbrella that we had bought while at Fisherman’s Wharf.  The shots came out great but I would love to spend some more time working on them.  We had to time each one perfectly with the lights and the traffic.  

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

The last stop before Napa was on the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge for some long exposure shots in the cold, rainy night.  The night was too foggy to get the shots that I had in mind but what came out was an interesting look – one that I don’t have of the Golden Gate Bridge.  However, it probably looks like this more than it looks clear.  I would try again on the way back into San Francisco in a few days.  

Check out our train ride up from Los Angeles along the coast and stay tuned for the rest of our trip, including, our first trip to Napa Valley (in the fall), hiking Alamere Falls at sunset and exploring Marin County.

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