A Weekend on the Water in Crystal River

A Weekend on the Water in Crystal River

Jason Daniel Shaw


Crystal River is a popular spot on the west coast of north central Florida for boating and fishing. It is famous for its year-round habitat for manatees. While open to the salty Gulf of Mexico, Kings Bay and Crystal River are fed by a series of fresh water springs. The river is busy year-round but during the summer it can get pretty crowded with boats, jet skis and various other water activities. Spending some time on the water is the perfect way to social distance during these times. That is what we recently did on our Florida trip.

Boats on Crystal River


There are quite a few places to stop along the river and the surrounding areas to join in on some boat party fun. We did just that for a while. We also visited the spring and tried to scuba dive but the visibility was almost zero so it wasn’t even worth putting on the equipment this trip. That was ok because we were able to spend more time exploring the river and heading out into the Gulf of Mexico and even venturing down to another one of the sand bar parties at Sandy Hook. Having a boat is a must if you live in Florida and I am glad that we got to spend the weekend on the water with family.

Boat Party Crystal River

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