All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome

Jason Daniel Shaw


Do all roads lead to Rome? Today, the ruins of the great Roman empire are surrounded by a modern capital city. Cobblestone streets that were once traveled by chariots and pedestrians are now bustling with cars and tourists. An impressive sports stadium was long ago pillaged for its beautiful marble and stonework. The crumbling walls of a once great palace are now covered with dirt and grass. The remaining structures are all that give us a look at what was like for these peoples 2,000 years ago.

The Coliseum Rome, Italy


In the heart of Rome lies an entire country, a country that is run by the Catholic Church and is home to the Pope. If you are able to visit on a Sunday, you can even catch his address in St. Peter’s Square. However, make sure that you arrive early as the crowds gather quickly. The artwork that fills the Vatican Museums are priceless and the crown jewel is the works of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.

Vatican City Crowds


Amanda and I met our friends and families in Rome to spend some quality time together before heading to the castle in Tuscany to get married. With her family being form Brazil and mine from Florida, they had never had the opportunity to meet. Despite the language barrier, everyone enjoyed themselves and got to experience a merging of cultures. If you want to follow along with our 25-day wedding / honeymoon trip, you can see more of our adventures in MaltaItalythe VaticanSloveniaCroatiaBosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro.

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