Best Slovenia Day Trip From Italy

Best Slovenia Day Trip From Italy

Jason Daniel Shaw


Sandwiched between Italy and Croatia, Slovenia manages to squeeze in its own bit of coastline on the Bay of Trieste, which opens to the Adriatic. Koper, Izola and Piran are all historic cities along this gorgeous stretch of Slovenia that only spans some 10 miles or so as the bird flies. That makes it a perfect day trip from Trieste. Before dropping off our rental car in Trieste, we made a trip down to Slovenia – my 37th country that I have visited.

Piran Slovenia Church


Piran was our favorite little town that we visited in Slovenia. It lies on a narrow spit of land that is covered with red-roofed buildings. It also happens to be the western-most spot in Slovenia. We spent some time wandering the streets and walking along the beach. Despite being late into the spring season, there weren’t the crowds of people that you would expect in a European resort town. We would definitely love to make it back there soon to spend a few nights.

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