Best Way to Spend the Day in Belize on a Carnival Cruise

Best Way to Spend the Day in Belize on a Carnival Cruise

Jason Daniel Shaw


Belize has been on my list for quite some time – mainly because of the famous Blue Hole. However, due to the short time that you get to spend in a place on a cruise, I did not get to see my number one choice for Belize. One fo the great things that I love about cruises though, is the ability to see a “preview” of a place to find out if it is worthy of another longer visit. Belize is definitely one of those places. Follow along to see what I think the perfect cruise day in Belize looks like.

Drone Belize Reef


While we didn’t have time to visit the famous blue hole, we did still make it out to the barrier reef. We took advantage of the fact that in Belize, the ship anchors off the coast. That means that you are already closer to the fun! We booked an excursion for the first half of the day that took us out to Rendezvous Caye (pronounced “key”). Amanda saw the photos of the tiny white sand island surrounded by turquoise water in the brochure and said we had to go. On the island, we had the chance to snorkel, lounge in the sun and enjoy some great local cuisine. You can read my full review of the excursion here.

Tropical Island Belize


Back at the ship, we didn’t even waste time going back to our room, we just boarded the tender and headed for shore. We needed to at least find a place to get my souvenir magnet. Unlike some of the other ports that we have visited, once you leave the Fort Street Tourism Village there isn’t much to see and do. There is, however, the cliche sign announcing to the world where you are – so we had to take a photo there. Afterwards, we made our way toward downtown Belize City to walk around and visit a few of the shops. At the base of the Swing Bridge there is a little restaurant on the water that has an outdoor patio called Rustic Korner so we stopped in for some more local food and drinks. It was the perfect way to end our perfect day in Belize. We got to see an incredibly beautiful island and the reef as well as soak up some of the local culture and cuisine.

You can follow along with our 7-Day Western Caribbean cruise on board the Carnival Legend that also stopped in Grand Cayman, Roatan and Cozumel or read the review of the entire cruise.

Belize Sign

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