Carnival Cruise Western Caribbean Review

Carnival Cruise Western Caribbean Review

Jason Daniel Shaw


We try to choose our cruises based on the ports of call and whether we have been to those places or not. The 7-Day Carnival Western Caribbean Cruise that stops in Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel is a perfect mix of port days to sea days. And for those that live in Florida, sailing out of Tampa couldn’t be any easier. We purchased the Faster to the Fun pass on our last cruise out of Puerto Rico and it was a great value for us. This time, it was sold out so we weren’t able to purchase it. However, we checked in early to get an early boarding time (to maximize our time on the ship) and we breezed right through embarkation. Our luggage also arrived at our room very quickly so I am not sure that the Faster to the Fun would have been worth it on this cruise. It was finally time to depart Tampa and start our adventure so let’s get ready for our sail away.

Carnival Legend Sunset


Grand Cayman was our first stop and was our first time using the tender to get ashore. I had always heard that the lines to get on the tender were terrible but we made our way downstairs and hopped right on the boat to head to shore. Grand Cayman was our favorite stop on the cruise because the island is incredibly beautiful AND we got to scuba dive USS Kittiwake. We enjoyed the island so much that we would love to return for a proper vacation. I have mentioned this in the past but I think cruises are a great way to let you get a taste of places and determine if you would want to return for a longer visit.


Roatan is an island that is part of Honduras and the second stop of our cruise. Mahogany Bay is Carnival’s cruise terminal and is a beautiful place on its own but we like to see a bit of the local culture when we visit places. What better way than to explore the island. We used the hop on hop off bus to take us around. From Mahogany Bay to Coxen Hole to West Bay, with its small size, it is easy to get an overall sense of the island during your cruise stop. The waters that surround Roatan are incredibly clear and coral-filled so make sure to at least spend some time in the water with your favorite type of water sport.


Belize was our third stop on the cruise and has been on my must-visit list for a while and it did not disappoint. We visited the picturesque Rendezvous Island and, wow, what a place. The white sand island sits amongst a coral reef about 45 minutes off the coast of Belize and is like a mini-paradise. We made sure to save some time for exploring Belize City and taking in some of the local cuisine before calling it a day in Belize. This also happened to be our Thanksgiving Day so we had a feast for dinner when we got back to the ship.


Our last stop was the island of Cozumel which sits just off the coast of Mexico. We spent the day exploring the island, learning about tequila, visiting deserted beaches and snorkeling its clear waters. Cozumel is on a lot of cruise itineraries so I am not sure that I would spend an entire vacation here but I would happily return to explore more of its beauty.


I have not been a fan of sea days on cruises in the past, trying to pick itineraries that minimize them and maximize the port stops. Our last cruise was a 7-day and we visited six ports with no sea days. This cruise had a sea day at the beginning and end of the cruise which, I have to stay, was perfect. The first day allowed us to get settled in and explore the ship which we didn’t really get to do on the last cruise. The last day allowed us to rest and relax before returning to shore and reality. The Carnival Legend is a good ship and provides plenty to do during your sea days.


This is only our second cruise with Carnival but we have already come to enjoy and appreciate the cruise line. The cost of the cruise is a big consideration because we like to travel and a lower price means that we can spend more time in more places. This 7-day itinerary is one of the better itineraries that I have seen offered by any cruise line because it offers a good mix of different types of places. As I mentioned, it is also a good mix of adventure and rest & relaxation.

Cruise Portrait

The staff abroad the Carnival Legend is incredible and one of the best yet. The person that tended to our room was always around, greeting us by name and making sure that we had everything that we needed. The waitstaff was entertaining and provided us with 5-star service the entire trip. Despite having dine anytime, the host always greeted us by name and even remembered our cabin number when we walk up. She also managed to always sit us with the same server each night so it was like having a dining reservation but with the flexibility of being able to fit our schedule.

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We really enjoyed this cruise and would highly recommend it if you haven’t cruised this itinerary. You can follow along with our 7-Day Western Caribbean cruise on board the Carnival Legend that also stopped in Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel or read the review of the entire cruise.

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