Cuba Is – Annenberg Space for Photography Exhibit

Jason Daniel Shaw

Cuba Is – Annenberg Space for Photography Exhibit

Annenberg Space for Photography – Los Angeles, CA

Having traveled to Cuba in 2016, when I learned about the Cuba Is exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography, I knew that I had to see it.  The exhibit runs until March 4th, 2018 and explores what all aspects of life in Cuba is like and gives you a look at the culture that most visitors to the island don’t get to see.  Admission is FREE to the exhibit and the Annenberg Space for Photography!

Cuba Is Annenberg Space for Photography

Cuba Is Exhibit

Five photographers and 120 photographs delve into the challenges that Cubans face everyday consuming the media that we take for granted through El Paquette, it looks at the punk culture, called Frikis and follows along with the elite artist culture.  The photographs are amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the stories that they told.  I only wish that I had seen the exhibit before taking my trip to Cuba as I would have a better understanding and appreciation for the conditions and diversity that exists for the residents of the small island nation.  There is a short movie that accompanies the photos and highlights each of the photographers.  There is also a virtual reality aspect to the exhibit set in, what looks like an old Havana Club bar and allows you to explore the streets of Havana through 360 degree video.  Make it a point to visit Cuba Is before the exhibition closes in March.

Courtyard Annenberg Space for Photograhy

Annenberg Space for Photography

I had never been to the Annenberg Space for Photography before so it was all so new to me.  I haven’t even spent much time exploring Century City, which is where it is located.  The complex that houses the space is beautiful from an architecture standpoint.  There are two different studios that are separated by a courtyard that is great for relaxing.  I had to sign up for their mailing list so that I would be notified about future exhibits and even the lectures that they periodically have.  Have you seen the Cuba Is exhibit?  Have you been to the Annenberg Space for Photography?  Let me know what you think in the comments below or over on Instagram.

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