Downtown Los Angeles Drone Footage

Downtown Los Angeles Drone Footage

Jason Daniel Shaw


Since Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and many creatives, stock drone footage in and around Los Angeles is, as one would expect, a popular search topic. That has resulted in my downtown Los Angeles drone video being my second most viewed video on YouTube. I was recently contacted by a feature film that found me through that YouTube video to capture original content for their movie. They were looking for footage very similar to my previous video but during daylight hours instead of at golden hour. They were in post-production but realized the power that aerial shots can add to the film. Some of the stills from that shoot are below.

A lot of people contact me about licensing my DTLA drone video as well as various other shots that I have posted and I do license my stock drone footage. On YouTube, I have even created a playlist to showcase some of the videos although I have many more that I have never posted so let me know if you don’t see something that you are looking for on there. All videos come with all of the original, unedited clips as well as any edited clips that I have done for YouTube. I am an insured, FAA-licensed part 107 drone pilot (also hold a private pilot certificate) based in the Los Angeles area but I have captured content in 22 countries across four continents with my drones and look forward to expanding that so send me an email if you have a project that requires aerial footage.

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