Downtown Ogden

Downtown Ogden

Jason Daniel Shaw


I recently got to spend some time in Ogden for a work conference and it was a beautiful little town. Just an hour or so north of Salt Lake City, it transports you back in time – back to when the west was still wild. The Golden Spike was the location where the east coast and west coast tracks of the transcontinental railroad met and Ogden was the nearest “big” town.

Historic Ogden Utah


Serving as a gateway to the mountain ski resorts, it is a great place to stop and take in some history. Historic 25th street used to be the home to speak-easies during the times of prohibition, now it is lined with shops and restaurants. This is also home to Ogden Union Station and several museums that explore classic trains, cars, firearms, cowboys, western heritage and more. If you get the chance to visit Ogden, I highly recommend it.

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