FD Photo Studio Rooftop Photography Networking Event

Jason Daniel Shaw

Rooftop Stage –  Photography Networking Event

FD Photo Studio – Los Angeles, CA

Rooftop shoots in downtown Los Angeles make for some of the most dramatic photos.  FD Photo Studio has a rooftop stage where they held a photography networking event that I just attended last night.  Los Angeles is great for helping creative people come together and network.

Downtown Los Angeles Skyline

FD Studio Photography Networking event

This is the second FD Photo Studio networking event that I have attended.  The first one was for the grand opening of their Hill Street Studio where they invited photographers to come shoot several agency models that they provided in the four Hill Stages.  This event was on their rooftop stage and was open to photographers, models and anyone else that wanted to come out and shoot, network or just check out the facilities.  The event was from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm to allow everyone to see the afternoon lighting conditions as well as what the stage looks like for night shoots since the sunset was at 4:45 pm.  

A lot of photographers and models showed up and there were so many shoots going on around the rooftop.  I met some incredible photographers and since everyone has Instagram these days, we were all able to connect and hopefully stay in touch.

Blue Hour Skyline Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles Skyline At Sunset

I have been on downtown rooftops at sunset before but with the particulates in the air from the fires, the sunsets lately have been spectacular.  I decided not to take any photos of the models and spent my time talking with other photographers and shooting the changing colors against the skyline.  There has been so much construction going on in Los Angeles over the past couple years.  It is still going strong as new buildings are popping up everywhere.

The iconic Bendix building is clearly visible from the rooftop as is the US Bank building and the new tallest building west of the Mississippi, the Wilshire Grand Center.  This building houses the new Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown LA.  If you get the chance to shoot on the rooftop, take it as the views are amazing.  Let me know if you have ever shot down there and what your experience was like.



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