FIFTY Brought to Life | Fifty Shades of Grey

Jason Daniel Shaw

FIFTY Brought to Life Fifty Shades of Grey

The House on Sunset – Hollywood, CA

With the third and final movie in the Fifty Shades trilogy set to be released in exactly one week, Universal Pictures hosts a pop-up experience in Hollywood inspired by the movie.  Six interactive rooms lead you into the lives of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.  Each aspect of the exhibit is designed with Instagram in mind and the interaction allows you the chance to get that perfect picture to show off to your friends.

Location:  9169 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA

The Rooms

The entrance is adorned with a clean, modern F I F T Y across the top and a giant movie poster filling the front window of the House on Sunset.  As you enter, there is a piece of neon art that showcases each of the three films.  The staff greets you and tells you to take as many photos as you would like before showing you the way to the first room.  There are props from the film, including an actual chair that was used.  The walls are decorated with pencils from the film and a bunch of Mr. Grey’s ties.  The neon sign reads, “Mr. Grey will see you now.”  Next is a dark room that resembles one from the Yayoi Kusama:  Infinity Mirrors exhibit with mirrors lining the walls and light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.  There is a quick stop at a toy rack while you wait to be admitted to the next room.  You can use the toys as props in photos.  The next room is the one that everyone has been waiting for, the red room.  This room is decorated with themes that are inspired by the movie as well as a chair that is used in the actual red room of the film.  If you haven’t taken any photos to this point, you must take one in here.  Exiting the red room, there is a quick stop in an instagram-ready room that is complete with a flower wall and rose petals all over the floor.  The final stop is a room with the printed book in various languages covering the walls.  A few of the books you are even allowed to write a message in as the author and stars have done.  In this room, they give you a few gifts from your experience before you leave.  The experience is quick and since it is free, a must-do.  However, you must hurry, because it is only open from Friday, 2/2/18 through Sunday 2/4/18.

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