Flying to Palm Springs for Lunch

Flying to Palm Springs for Lunch

Jason Daniel Shaw


People in general aviation are always looking for reasons to fly and most of those reasons come down to one thing – food. It is where the term “$100 hamburger” comes from and Palm Springs was our next stop for one. Although, we opted for BBQ instead.

Palm Springs Mountains


Santa Monica airport is home and a perfect base for exploring the southwest. When we aren’t flying to Zion National Park, Page, AZ or one of many other adventure spots, we are more often flying to get some food. Just for the sake of flying. There are so many spots to get lunch in southern California but one of our favorite spots is Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Terminal

In about an hour you are transported from the hectic Los Angeles basin to the mid-century desert oasis that is Palm Springs. Our FBO of choice is Atlantic Aviation because the people there are so nice and they have a crew car that we can use to grab some food. If you don’t want to leave, they also have a pool and showers that you can use for the day right at their facility! Inside, they have a wall of autographs from all of the famous people that have come through, including movie stars from the early days of film to presidents.

Palm Springs Tower


The views while flying around southern California never get old. From the air, you can see the shadows of the wind farms as they stretch across the desert floor, you can admire the mountains in a hazy sunset or just look down and be glad that you are stuck in traffic on a freeway. Wherever you fly to, it is always nice to see that final approach of Santa Monica and know that you are almost home. Until next time, I wish you “blue skies and tailwinds.”

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