Flying to San Bernardino for Cracker Barrel

Flying to San Bernardino for Cracker Barrel

Jason Daniel Shaw


Cracker Barrel is opening more and more restaurants in California and that means more and more places to fly for food! Having lived in California for the past 11+ years, I have had to settle for just having it when I visit home. Growing up in the south, Cracker Barrel was a staple, especially when you were traveling. Now I get to combine two of my favorite things, flying and the southern fried chicken dinner. If you saw my recent post about flying to Palm Springs for lunch, you will know that food and flying go hand-in-hand.

Night Final Approach Santa Monica


I have always wondered why there were no Cracker Barrels in California. From the little bit of research that I have done, it seems as though they have the same prices on their menu, no matter their location. Those prices weren’t achievable in California. That all changed in the last year or so as they have opened a couple stores and seem to be continuing to do so. The stores that they have opened have been away from the metro areas, presumably to keep operational costs down. Their latest location is in the LA basin, in the city of Rialto.

Tanker Air Carrier at San Bernardino


From Santa Monica, it is a short flight out to San Bernardino International Airport and a perfect stopping point to visit the Cracker Barrel in Rialto. While it is not a commercial passenger airport, it may be soon, as Volaris announced a few years ago that they would fly out of there. However, there is lots of activity at the airport, including some of the aerial fire support crews. If you get the chance to fly out to San Bernardino, make sure you make the drive over to Cracker Barrel and get the southern-fried chicken dinner (now served any day of the week – not just on Sundays). Take a tour of our cockpit in the 360 photo in the Facebook post below.

Fire Fighting Helicopter San Bernardino

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