I Miss the $100 Hamburger

I Miss the $100 Hamburger

Jason Daniel Shaw


COVID-19 has put a damper on some of the flying adventures that we used to enjoy. One of those that I miss the most is the $100 Hamburger. Even before the pandemic, airport restaurants were starting to become scarce due to limited operating hours or sometimes outright closing due to lack of business. With the current situation, most of the airport restaurants have closed temporarily – I hope not permanently.

Golden Hour Cessna Flight


I have written about it many times but one of my favorite places to fly for a meal is Camarillo. The on-airport restaurant, Waypointe Cafe, is popular with pilots as well as others in the local community. So much so that the weekend waits can be in excess of an hour for a table. You are able to sit outside on the patio watching the planes come and go while you wait and even get a drink or two, non-alcoholic of course, which helps the time go by a little faster. I can’t wait until all of the airport restaurants are able to open again so we can get our $100 Hamburger fix. I have put together some photos of our past few trips to Camarillo to get you through in the meantime. Until then – Clear Skies and Tailwinds.

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