Leo Carrillo Beach Photography

Leo Carrillo Beach Photography

Jason Daniel Shaw


Leo Carrillo is one of my favorite beaches in the Los Angeles area for photography. There is so much diversity within walking distance that you can create whatever look you desire. There is plenty of white and beach, rocky cliffs, tall grass that sways in the wind, a good surf break and even a sea arch and walk-through cave. I have photographed this location countless times and each time I discover something new.

Waves at Leo Carrillo Beach


We recently stopped by on our way back from seeing a show at the Theatricum Botanicum one afternoon to catch the sunset and do a little photography. We spent a couple hours walking to the various photo spots and taking a few photos along the way. There wasn’t a clear photo objective – it was more about enjoying the afternoon and if something stood out, capturing it. While Leo Carrillo can be perfect if you have an idea in mind, it is even better for spending lazy afternoons in the sun.


There are quite a few incredible beaches in the Leo Carrillo area, including El Matador (probably my favorite beach). Here are some additional additional posts about Leo Carrillo.

Leo Carrillo Beach – Memorial Day 2016

Leo Carrillo Beach – Mila 2015

Leo Carrillo Beach – 2015

Leo Carrillo Beach – Kendra 2015

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