Long Beach Drone Pilot

Long Beach Drone Pilot

Jason Daniel Shaw


From the Queen Mary to Shoreline Village and on to downtown Long Beach, there is so many beautiful sights to see from the drone in Long Beach, CA. It has taken COVID-19 to help get me caught up on old footage that I have shot over the past few years. The photos and video that follow was shot almost two years ago (with the exception of the fireworks footage). If you are looking to license stock drone footage of the Queen Mary, Shoreline Village, downtown Long Beach or anywhere else, send me an email.

Queen Mary Long Beach Drone


I have shot the beautiful Queen Mary many times, from both the air and the land. It never disappoints. However, there is nothing like getting closeup shots of such a historic vessel bathed in golden hour light. The only thing that maybe comes close is catching the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Queen Mary from the drone. You can watch those videos below. Scroll all the way to the bottom for the golden hour shots.


The skyline of downtown Long Beach is pretty spectacular any time of day but during golden hour its a little extra special. As you fly the drone down Ocean Blvd, the long shadows dance and make the buildings come to life. It is easy to see why so many people have a special place in their heart for Long Beach.

Downtown Long Beach Golden Hour Drone

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