Los Angeles Fashion & Head Shot Shoot

Jason Daniel Shaw

Los Angeles Fashion & Head Shot Shoot at FD Photo Studios | Hill Stages

FD Photo Studios Hill Stages – Los Angeles, CA

FD Photo Studios held an event for the opening of their Hill Studio stages last year and invited photographers to come shoot agency models in each of the four different stages.  I was able to capture some head shots, some high fashion, some beauty and lifestyle shots while I was there.  All of these shots are edited using Lightroom for color and lighting but I have not done anything to the skin to  remove blemishes or imperfections.

Beauty Photographer LA

Affordable Los Angeles Head Shots

Everyone in LA needs a head shot, even if you aren’t an actor.  The problem with head shots is that you always need to keep them updated and that can be expensive.  The best way around that is to find a group of people that all need their head shots and combine everyone into one session.  The photographer is then able to use the studio like an assembly line.  One person can be getting their head shots taken while others are getting changed into a new look or preparing their hair and makeup.

Fashion Photography Los Angeles

Los Angeles Fashion Photography

Fashion photography in Los Angeles is a booming business.  With so many clothing designers and manufacturers in downtown LA, there are always fashion photoshoots going on.  I have been using FD Photo Studios for all of my studio work.  They are located in downtown LA with a variety of studios to work with and there scheduling process is easy.  You just select your studio, date and time and book it using their online calendar.  The studio can be booked for as little as an hour or as long as you need and includes everything you need for your shoot.

Fashion Photographer Los Angeles

Los Angeles Lifestyle Photography

I always struggle with defining lifestyle photography.  I have heard it said that it is capturing someone doing something that they would do in their everyday lives.  I think that it may be more than that.  I use it a lot of times for a catch-all for photos that I struggle to define a category for – that is one of the things that I hate most, trying to label a photograph.

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