Malibu Coast – A Royal Mansion and Point Dume

Jason Daniel Shaw

Malibu Coast

A Royal Mansion and Point Dume

Malibu  – Los Angeles, CA

Malibu is one of those must-visit places if you are visiting Los Angeles and its not a bad place to spend some time if you live here.  From giant oceanfront mansions to beautiful cliffs overlooking endless beaches, there is something for everyone.

Royal Mansion  – Malibu, CA

There were rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were buying a mansion along PCH in Malibu.  The house sits just below the Getty Villa and looks like a castle sitting on top of the hill.  Lady Gaga used it for filming her Paparazzi video.  I first saw the house like five years ago and thought it was the Getty Villa for the first year or so.  It is not the Getty Villa, though, it is just that big.  Unfortunately, we have since learned that this will not become the royal summerhouse – or at least not that they want anyone to know…

Point Dume  – Malibu, CA

Point Dume is another spot in Malibu that often gets missed when tourists come to Malibu.  Sitting at the end of Zuma Beach, there is a beautiful beach.  It is bounded by a cliff that you can climb and explore.  There is even a secret beach if you follow the rocks around at the base of the cliff.

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