Manhattan Beach Pier Sunset

Jason Daniel Shaw

Manhattan Beach Pier Sunset

Manhattan Beach Pier – Manhattan Beach, CA

Live where others vacation – that has never been more true than for the residents of Manhattan Beach.  I feel very fortunate to have spent the last 5+ years living in the South Bay and being able to call this amazing stretch of coastline home.  It is easy to take for granted living in such a beautiful place and sometimes life in Los Angeles can move at a crazy place – sometimes you just have to slow down and enjoy a sunset.

Manhattan Beach Sunset Sky

South Bay – Los ANgeles, CA

The coastline between LAX and Palos Verdes is know as the South Bay and home to some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in all of southern California.  Tourists flock to the area to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation while residents spend the days on the Strand, playing volleyball and surfing.  Over the past week, the sunsets have been a fiery show and Amanda and I finally got a chance to enjoy one at the Manhattan Beach pier.

Manhattan Beach, CA

After a short walk through downtown Manhattan Beach to pick up an açaí bowl at Paradise Bowls, we found out that the annual lighting of the pier holiday event is scheduled for November 14th.  Stay tuned for more on that.  At the pier, we blended in with the tourists and the other locals as the sun started to sink low on the horizon.  The sky started becoming a brilliant orange, almost as if someone turned the saturation up too high.  As the surfers and paddle boarders caught some of the last waves of the day, the colors started to shift into blues and pinks and yellows and oranges.  It was another spectacular sunset and, at least for a few moments, made us forget about the rest of the world.

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