My Favorite Beaches in Laguna Beach

My Favorite Beaches in Laguna Beach

Jason Daniel Shaw


Laguna Beach has some of my favorites beaches in all of California, if not the world. From the great scuba diving at Shaw’s Cove to the sea caves at Thousand Steps beach to the castle tower at Victoria beach, there is so much to explore. Whether you are looking to capture a beautiful sunset or hang out with friends on the beach, make sure to do it in Laguna Beach.

Thousand Steps Beach Laguna Beach Sea Caves


Thousand Steps Beach is a popular beach in Laguna and is a vast sandy beach. Despite the name, there are not 1,000 steps to access it but it sometimes feels like it when you are ready to leave. That isn’t the only thing that will make you not want to leave. If you head to the right at the bottom of the stairs, you will eventually come to a cliff wall that protects the north end of the beach. If you walk the other way, you will also come to a wall that protects the other end of the beach. However, this one offers a surprise. You can walk through the water, along the tide pools at low tide and get to an incredible sea cave. If you venture through the sea cave and out the other side, you will come to some rock formations that you can climb on and a rock pool. If you keep going, you will eventually get to a small secret cove that houses the secret pools of Laguna Beach. Be careful if you try to go to them – the locals aren’t friendly with explorers and the journey itself can be dangerous. It is totally worth it, though.


Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach is popular with scuba diving classes. I wrote a blog about visiting with Amanda’s class as they were doing their check out dives. This beach offers so much to more than just scuba divers, though. There is a small sandy beach that you can setup camp on before exploring the tide pools that line the cliff to the right. If the tide is low enough, you can even walk all the way around the point to the right which will lead you to another small secluded beach and various rock formations. If you continue on, you will come to another public beach, Crescent Beach. Shaw’s Cove is a must-visit if you are in Laguna Beach.


You may not know the name of Victoria Beach but chances are, you have seen the Instagram posts of the castle tower on the beach – that is Victoria Beach. Like Thousand Steps Beach, as you descend down the narrow set of stairs toward the beach, you are greeted with a vast, beautiful beach. To the south is a long stretch of sandy beach that is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing. However, if you head south past the rocky cliffs, you will find what makes this beach unique. There is a circular rock pool that fills at high tide and provides a perfect place for that amazing Instagram photo. Just after that is the castle tower that sits on the beach like a fairytale. It is actually a set of stairs that gives the house atop the cliff access to the beach. If you happen to be there around sunset you will see many photographers with their clients taking advantage of this magical place. However, at night, you may just have the place to yourself and get some great long exposure photographs.

Castle on the Beach in Laguna Victoria Beach

I hope that this journey to a few of my favorite beaches inspires you to get our and explore Laguna Beach and if you have been to these beaches before, let me know what you think over on my Instagram.

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