Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Instagram Influencer Post

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Instagram Influencer Post

Jason Daniel Shaw


The Fox Bruin Theater in Westwood Village is a historical movie theater in Los Angeles built in 1937. It is also one of the settings in the Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. That is why it was the perfect place to photograph an Instagram post for Sony Pictures to promote the film’s release.

Getting the shot by Marco Giovannini


Up until recently, I had not used my Instagram for anything other than showcasing my photography. However, I am a big fan of Quentin Tarantino so when the opportunity to promote his latest film presented itself, I had to take it (getting paid to post on Instagram wasn’t bad either). The post was on behalf of Sony Pictures Entertainment and was to not only promote the film but also an augmented reality (AR) website created at the same time.

Once Upon a Tim in Hollywood


There were quite a few requirements placed on the post, such as the website had to be shown in the shot as well as a limited list of places that the photo should be taken. Luckily, the beautiful Fox Bruin theater was one of them. When we arrived, the light was already starting to fade so we had to work fast. The next complication was the traffic. We had a limited amount of time during each crossing signal to run out and try to get the shot. I shot some photos with the Canon 6D mark II as well as with my iPhone XS (in portrait mode). In the end, due to the high dynamic range of the shot, I preferred the iPhone shot. It took 68 photos to get the one that we chose to post and that photo is the one below.

Instagram Paid Post

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