Photographing Sunset at the Redondo Beach Pier

Photographing Sunset at the Redondo Beach Pier

Jason Daniel Shaw


The Redondo Beach Pier is a great place to catch the sunset in Los Angeles. Whether you are looking to take landscape photos, portraits or just looking for that perfect Instagram photo, its structure and architectural sails make for amazing photo opportunities. With its various restaurants, it is also a great spot to watch the sailboats sail by while grabbing a drink or bite to eat. We ventured out one evening to catch golden hour at the Redondo Beach Pier.

Sunset Redondo Beach Pier Beach


The pier in Redondo Beach is a unique shape, not just the standard out and back pier. It has three sections that all connect out over the water so there is a lot to explore. From the pier, you can watch many sailboats that fill the south bay, you can spend some time watching the golden cliffs of Palos Verdes at sunset or you can visit one of the many shops and restaurants. Amanda wanted to visit the pier because one of her favorite shows when she was younger was the OC. A lot of the scenes used the Redondo Beach Pier as a setting, pretending that it was in Orange County. We took some portraits before the sun dipped below the horizon and then made our way back to the beach. From there I was able to capture some long exposures of the iconic sail structures that line the pier. If you haven’t spent some time exploring Redondo Beach, I highly suggest it.

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