Sunset at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego

Jason Daniel Shaw

Sunset at Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument – San Diego, Ca

One of the prettiest spots in San Diego, if not all of California to see a sunset is Cabrillo National Monument at the southern tip of Point Loma.

Sunset Tide Pools Long Exposure

Make sure to get there early so that you explore the rest of the area.  At the top of the hill, sits the original lighthouse from the 19th century.  It is open to the public and definitely worth the time to visit.  There is also the visitor center, a statue of the namesake and an absolutely amazing view of downtown.

Point Loma Lighthouse Sunset

My favorite spot, however, is at the bottom of the cliffs.  The tide pools provide the perfect spot for photography.  I made it down there today to take some long exposure photos.  Make sure to take a sturdy tripod and a neutral density filter.  I make sure to carry my variable ND filter so that I am prepared for whatever the light may be.  One of the pluses to all of the fires in southern California right now is the how beautiful the sunsets are and today was no exception.  Let me know if you have been to Cabrillo National Monument or where your favorite spot to watch a sunset is by leaving a comment here or over on my Instagram.

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