Surfing Manhattan Beach | A Test Shoot with the GoPro Dome Port

Surfing Manhattan Beach | A Test Shoot with the GoPro Dome Port

Jason Daniel Shaw


The last time that I used the over under dome port for the GoPro was with my old Hero 3+ Black on in St. Kitts a couple years ago. There was also some good shots of Amanda on the paddle board in Lake Tahoe with the same GoPro. However, one of my favorite photos that I have taken with the dome port was in Thailand. I haven’t used it in quite a while, despite carrying it around everywhere I go that has a chance of water, because I was disappointed in the 3+ quality after getting the 7 Black. So, I recently picked up the Telesin GoPro Dome Port for my GoPro Hero 7 Black. El Porto in Manhattan Beach is one fo the top spots in southern California to surf so it was a perfect excuse to get out, enjoy the sun and try out the new housing.

Over Under Surfing


After doing some surfing and letting Amanda try it out, I got the dome port out and tried to remember how to get some over under shots in the surf. The uniqueness of the dome port is that you can see the underwater world at the same time as seeing something above the water. It works best when you have something of interest both above and below the water. It was more difficult than I remember and the shots didn’t come out as I expected but it was fun to get out. It is important to practice with your new equipment before you get that opportunity for the hero shot. You want to make sure that you know how it performs and what it is and isn’t capable of, even if it just a GoPro camera. I will continue to practice because I plan to take the dome port to the incredibly clear waters of Bora Bora in August. I can’t wait! Stay tuned for those photos coming.

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