The Best Place to view Downtown Los Angeles at Sunset

The Best Place to view Downtown Los Angeles at Sunset

Jason Daniel Shaw


If you live in LA, especially the South Bay, you have probably passed Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area many times. And if you are like me, you have probably never stopped. However, you have probably seen many photos taken from this prime Downtown Los Angeles viewing location on social media or even in various publications about LA. That’s because the hill that this park sits on offers stunning views of the Downtown skyline any time of the day, but at Sunset, it is really special. If you are a photographer and haven’t visited, it needs to be on high on your list.

Supermoon Kenneth Hahn Downtown LA


I have known about this location for quite some time but just never managed to stop. There are plenty of trails for the hikers, grassy fields and playgrounds for the kids and plenty of places to stop and have a picnic. There is so much to see and photograph, including a collection of hummingbird feeders that always seem to be full.


The entire park is scenic but if you make your way to the top, you will be rewarded with a view of Los Angles to the northeast. That means that as the sun sets over the Pacific, the last bits of light will light up the downtown skyline with that golden California sunshine. It’s a photographer’s dream, especially when there are clouds in the sky or a bit of weather around.

Sunset Downtown Los Angeles Kenneth Hahn


My first visit to Kenneth Hahn happened to coincide with the Snow Moon and also the first Supermoon of 2020. Using the various apps to predict where the moon would rise in relation to Downtown, I picked my spot and setup my tripod to wait. The clouds were sitting low over the mountains which delayed and obscured the moon rise a bit but once it did, it didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to go back and photograph this place many more times. Maybe one day I will wake up early and catch a sunrise.

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