The Best Way to See Florence in a Day

The Best Way to See Florence in a Day

Jason Daniel Shaw


No matter how much time you have to spend in Florence, spend it wisely. There is so much to see and do in the birthplace of the renaissance that you can easily be overwhelmed. Whether you want to experience the arts, culture, history or great food, Florence is your place. I will help you along with my favorite one-day itinerary.

View from Piazzale Michelangelo


The most important tip for Florence is to start your day as early as possible. Try to beat the crowds to some of the more iconic spots if you don’t want to spend your entire day in lines. If you are up with the sun, make your way to Pizzale Michelangelo for a beautiful view over the entire city and the Arno River. Enjoy the peacefulness before the tourists arrive. From there, make your way down to the river’s edge and take in the sights as you stroll toward your next stop, Ponte Vecchio. The shop-filled bridge is a perfect place to look for some souvenir jewelry before making your way into the heart of the city.

I highly suggest hiring a tour guide for the next portion of your day. Walking the streets and seeing the history is much different that being immersed in the stories that bring the history to life. The tours will usually start mid-morning and run through early afternoon and will typically hit the highlights of the city including the Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, Uffizi Gallery, Loggia dei Lanzi, the statue of David, Palazzo Vecchio and much more.

Lunch at Piazza del Signoria is a perfect break for your tired feet. Afterwards, spend your afternoon getting lost in the tiny streets while exploring the many shops that fill them. And don’t forget to stop at one of the many gelato shops to indulge yourself in an Italian tradition. If you still haven’t had enough as the sun sets on your day in Florence, make your way back up to the Pizzale Michelangelo for one last look as what will surely be one of your favorite cities in Italy.

We can’t wait to get back to Florence and spend some more time with friends there. If you want to follow along with our 25-day wedding / honeymoon trip, you can see more of our adventures in MaltaItalythe VaticanSloveniaCroatiaBosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro.

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