The Shores Resort and Spa

The Shores Resort and Spa

Jason Daniel Shaw


The Shores Resort & Spa is a nice departure from the typical Daytona Beach party hotel. In fact, it probably couldn’t be more opposite. It is slightly more upscale than most, yet at a still affordable price. Also, being located in Daytona Beach Shores, just south of the typically more busy stretch of beach, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beach. If a laidback vacation is what you are seeking, The Shores Resort & Spa may just be the perfect answer for you.

The Shores Resort and Spa Daytona Beach Shores


Upon arrival, the incredibly friendly staff of The Shores Resort and Spa offers you a s’mores package that has everything you need to relax by one of the many fire pits ad make your favorite campfire dessert. Despite being closed during our visit due to COVID-19, there are various dining options inside the resort. If you are looking for something casual, there is the Tiki Hut Barefoot Beach Bar and for a more formal dinner, the Azure Oceanfront Dining. For a more romantic dinner option, you can try a cabana dining experience where you will have a personal waitstaff and a secluded oceanfront location. The resort has a beautiful pool and hot tun that overlooks that beach and provides a perfect place to spend your days when you are not getting pampered in the luxurious on-site spa. If you are looking for a reason to experience the world famous Daytona Beach, let the Shores Resort and Spa be that reason.

The Shores Resort and Spa Beach


As you may have seen from our past travel, we typically opt for more exotic, international locations for our vacations. This year, however, COVID-19 has really taken a toll on both international and domestic travel, so we felt fortunate that we still able to visit The Shores Resort & Spa for our anniversary. And while growing up in Florida has probably jaded me to the appeal of Daytona Beach, I do understand that for many, the beaches of Florida are a dream vacation. It was also a dream vacation for Amanda, but for a much different reason. Being from Brazil, her first visit to the United States was in the winter of 2008. It was for a summer (summer in Brazil, winter in the USA) internship program in Daytona Beach where she worked at none other than, The Shores Resort and Spa. During her time working there, she saw famous people, like Micheal Jordan, come and go and vowed that one day she would return to the resort as a guest. I was honored that I was able to surprise her with that and make it happen for our first anniversary. Since our wedding took place in Italy, we weren’t able to bring the top of our cake back to eat on our first anniversary so instead, we brought back the wine that our friends had produced and bottled for the wedding. We opened a bottle and toasted to the first of many more anniversaries while watching an east coast sunset on the balcony for our first.

The Shores Resort & Spa Anniversary

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