Trieste | Last Stop in Italy

Trieste | Last Stop in Italy

Jason Daniel Shaw


Trieste is the last stop in Italy before heading into Slovenia but it is also a great place to get some amazing Italian food and take in a sunset. That is exactly what we did on our recent European trip. I also took the time to put the drone up in the air and capture an aerial view of Trieste and the Molo Audace. We strolled along the waterfront and visited the Eataly with the most spectacular sunset views. We ended up walking the streets until we found a place to have our last meal in Italy. The Italian leg of our trip was coming to an end.

Downtown Trieste Italy Aerial Photo


I did a lot of research on rental cars for our last trip to Europe and found a lot of mixed results. One thing that was clear was that one-way rentals were difficult if crossing international borders, even if you are staying within the EU. The one-way fee was typically quoted at 1,000 euros plus (from Avis). We rented a car in Catania, Sicily as a one-way rental, dropping it off in Messina, Sicily. We then picked up another car in Salerno, Italy and dropped it off in Rome. So that we didn’t have to bother with parking the car in Rome, after our stay, we picked up another car and dropped it off in Venice. For the same reason, we picked up a car on the way out of Venice and dropped it off near the border of Italy and Slovenia in Trieste. Each of these one-way fees were less than 100 euro and allowed us the ability to traverse the entirety of the Italian peninsula. We were able to pick up an overnight bus in Trieste bound for Zadar, Croatia – our next stop.

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