Visiting a Hidden Beach in Laguna Beach

Visiting a Hidden Beach in Laguna Beach

Jason Daniel Shaw


There is no question that Laguna Beach has some of the best beaches in California. However, there is one hidden beach that lies between Crescent Bay and Shaws Cove that just may take the top spot and have me re-think my list of favorite beaches in Laguna. Twin Points has everything you could ever want in a perfect beach – tide pools, crystal-clear water and even a tide-filled soaking pool. Although it is not private, if you catch it at the right time, it can feel like you have your own private piece of paradise.

Hidden Beach Laguna Beach


The beach at Twin Points is like a dream. The cliffs that surround the beach make you feel like you have your own private cove, without the crowds of the other Laguna beaches. We spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and exploring the rock outcroppings that shelter this peaceful bit of beach. The water in the cove is perfectly clear and there are so many tide pools to search for sea life. On one side of the cove, there is also a man-made rock wall that traps water as the tide comes in and creates a soaking pool – it makes a perfect spot for relaxing. The entire cove makes a perfect spot for a photoshoot as the afternoon sun sinks lower and the light turns golden.

Twin Points Cove Laguna Beach


There are two ways to get to Twin Points, one is from Shaws Cove. If you saw my post, Shaws Cove is a beautiful beach in its own right. It is known for its scuba diving and tide pools and is a very popular beach on the weekends. It is a very small beach so it doesn’t take many people to feel packed. With the amount of people that visit the local beaches here, parking around this area of Laguna Beach can be hard to find. It is all street parking in a residential neighborhood. The hassle is definitely worth it as there is so much to explore at Shaws Cove. To get to the hidden beach at Twin Points, you have to make your way past the tide pools and along the cliffs at the right side of the beach. The rest depends on the tides. If the tide is low enough, you may be able to make your way along the lower rocks until you come around the point. If not, you will have to climb the rocks to the upper section and make your way over from there. This can be a bit tough, though. The easier way is from Crescent Beach but make sure to save some time to explore Shaws Cove during your trip.


Crescent Bay is, as the name suggests, a big crescent-shaped beach that is surrounded by cliffs and is quite a bit bigger than Shaws Cove. It is easier to get to and from Twin Points from Crescent Bay Beach but despite that, there seems to still be a lot of people that don’t know about it. To get there, at the bottom of the walk, you follow the beach around to the left. Once at the rocks, make your way past the tide pools and around the point. Keep going until you get to the sandy beach. Whether you come from Shaws Cove, Crescent Bay a or make the roundtrip through both like we did, the hidden beach at Twin Points is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

Crescent Bay Beach Sunset

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