Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Jason Daniel Shaw


I have lived in Los Angeles for over 11 years and I had never been to Warner Brothers and thus never been on their studio tour. That was, until this past new year’s day. That just happens to be my wife Amanda’s birthday and for her birthday she wanted nothing more than to visit Stars Hollow. For those, like me, that had never seen an episode of Gilmore Girls and never heard of Stars Hollow, it is the sleepy Connecticut town where Gilmore Girls takes place. It was decided, we bought our tickets and made our way to Burbank.

Warner Brothers Oscar


Although you may have not seen Gilmore Girls, I am sure you have watched an episode or two of Friends. I grew up watching Friends and it was also one of Amanda’s favorite shows as well. As we made our way around the studio, we found many relics from the show. One of our favorite was in the final building where they drop you off for some self-exploration – the set of Central Perk. Here, you can get your photo taken on the couch. In the main lobby, they even have a cafe where you can get some coffee and other small snacks. Just outside of Stars Hollow, they have even re-constructed a set to resemble the intro to the show.


As you continue through that final building, you come across the set of another of my favorite shows – Big Bang Theory. Similar to the Friends set, after a short wait in line, you can have your photo taken in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment with some takeout. Since Sheldon was nowhere in sight, I chose to sit in his seat.

Big Bang Theory Set


The last stop was Stars Hollow. Around Christmas time they dress up the entire town in holiday style which is what Amanda wanted to see. You can visit Lorelai’s house and even walk through the interior, with plenty of memorabilia and photo opportunities. From there, you can make your way into the town center where you will find a variety of episode props that you may remember, if you have seen the show – they were lost on me. Amanda loved seeing them, however. While you can’t go inside Luke’s, you can visit it and in another part of town, get a cup of Lukes coffee. We had a great time exploring Warner Brothers Studios and this was just a few of the places that we visited on our tour. I would recommend visiting the next time you are in Los Angeles and looking for something to do.

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