Why Everyone from the United States Should Visit Puerto Rico

Jason Daniel Shaw

Why Everyone from the United States Should Visit Puerto Rico

San Juan – Puerto Rico

San Juan and Puerto Rico is an amazing place that I never knew much about, even living in Florida for the first 27 years of my life.  I am not sure what I was expecting it to be like but it is a beautiful vacation spot that more people from the United States should visit.

Sunrise over Old San Juan

Condado Beach – San Juan

Condado is an amazing stretch of beach just minutes from the airport or Old San Juan.  There are plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you occupied along with the beautiful waters, both in the ocean and the many resort pools.  This is where we stayed both before and after our cruise and I would highly recommend it.

The pools and beachfront areas at the Condado Vanderbilt and La Concha Resort are absolutely breathtaking.  The La Concha Resort has an infinity pool that is surrounded by tropical plants and just blends in with the ocean making it a perfect spot to soak and relax.  The Condado Vanderbilt has a restaurant with floor-to-ceiling doors that open to a pool and the beach that is called Tacos and Tequila.  We ate here twice for lunch while enjoying the views.

Puerto Rico 

There is so much to do around the island that I wish we had planned for more time.  There are bioluminescent bays, rainforests and some of the top beaches in the world to visit in Puerto Rico.  The great thing about the island is that it is a domestic flight from the United States, meaning no customs and no immigration.  And the flights are relatively cheap!  Do yourself a favor and book a trip to Puerto Rico soon!

Our Carnival Cruise

We were on the 7-day Southern Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Fascination (September 2, 2018 – September 9, 2018) out of San Juan visiting St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Maarten and finally returning back to San Juan.  Click on any of the links above to find out more about what we did in each of our ports of call or visit my Instagram.

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