Wisdom Tree Hike at Sunset | Los Angeles

Jason Daniel Shaw

Wisdom Tree Hike at Sunset | Los Angeles

Wisdom Tree – Hollywood, CA

The Wisdom Tree hike in Hollywood is one of my favorite hikes in Los Angeles, especially around sunset.  The panoramic views from the top are what everyone comes for, there just happens to be a picturesque tree that is up there as well.  An American flag was placed up there as well and is changed out as it gets tattered by the wind.

American Flag Hollywood Reservoir

Getting to the Wisdom Tree

Parking for the hike is near the corner of Lake Hollywood Drive and Wonder View Drive on Lake Hollywood Drive.  Make sure to read the signs carefully as they will ticket/tow and make the city a good amount of money by doing so.  Head back towards Wonder View Drive and take a right toward the giant mountain.  You can probably see the American flag waving, that is where you will end up.

Tree Climbing Wisdom Tree

Climbing to the Wisdom Tree

The hike is almost a climb as much as it is a hike at 3 miles (roundtrip) and almost 900 feet of elevation gain.  There is some bit of scrambling over rocks and there is not a smooth flattened path.  It is also a narrow path for much of the way but definitely worth it at the end.  As you come around the final corner, you will climb the last bit to a flat area which is where the wisdom tree sits.

Wisdom Tree Register

The Wisdom Tree

From the top, you can see Griffith Park and downtown LA, out to Santa Monica and all of the westside another way and looking out towards the back gives you views of Burbank and the Valley.  Once you catch your breath and are done admiring the views, there is an American flag that presents a perfect photo opportunity.  The flag can get to be pretty worn out at times but someone replaces it with a new one from time to time.  The Wisdom Tree is the lone tree atop the clearing and is itself pretty picturesque.  At the base of the tree sits the ammo box with the register in it along with other bits that people have left behind.  Make sure to take plenty of water and, if you are going up around sunset, something to keep you warm as the wind can be pretty cool at the top.  Let me know here or on Instagram what you think of the hike an if you have ever done it.

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